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Syar DaLi

Syar DaLi

Syar DaLi is an insightful Songwriter, Vocalist, Musician, and Artivist.


NYC • WorldWide

Syar DaLi's Background

Syar DaLi's Experience

Artist / CEO at Syar DaLi

January 2006 - Present | New York, NY

Breathe, Excite and Enlighten.

Syar DaLi's Education

School Of Hard Knocks

2009 – 2013

Masters Degree

Concentration: Steady

Activities: Songwriting, Performing, Dance, Massage Therapy and Meditation

Syar DaLi's Interests & Activities

Syar DaLi embarks daily on the journey into Songwriting, Performing, Massage Therapy, Martial Arts and Meditation

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